About Us & Achievements

Being ranchers and competitors in the arena ourselves, we were always on the look out for quality gear. I started studying leatherwork and would only make items for myself and family/friends. Word of mouth started to expand the customer base and so it began! All glory to God! 
We are a small, family owned and operated leather shop. We use all of our own products and are always looking for ways to improve them! 
We specialize in:
  • Handmade Saddles
  • Chinks
  • Armitas
  • Shotgun Chaps
  • Arizona Bells
  • Woolies
  • Belts
  • Tapaderos
  • Medicine/Saddle Bags
  • Laser-Engraved Hats
 Check out our products pages or contact us to talk about your next project! Thank you for your interest in our shop and we look forward to making something for you!
Make today great! God Bless!



Art Of The Cowgirl Saddle Making Fellowship

In 2020, I was blessed with the honor of receiving the Art Of The Cowgirl Saddle Making Fellowship! I had made several saddles before this but learned SO MUCH under the instruction of Nancy Martiny (Martiny Saddle Co). She learned from the famous Dale Harwood! With the week spent with Nancy, I built a Wade saddle from start to finish, soaking up as much knowledge and feedback as possible along the way! Bringing all of that instruction home, I look forward to providing my customers with a great custom saddle that will hold up for years!


Art Auctions

In 2021, I collaborated with Nancy Martiny on these brown and turquoise chinks. She tooled the yokes and side pieces. Once these were finished, I designed the body and assembled everything. At the summer event, these sold for $900!
Also for the 2021 summer event, I built this white and turquoise pair (pictured below). They sold on the art auction for $3000!
In January of 2022, we setup at the Art Of The Cowgirl event in Queen Creek, Arizona. For that ART AUCTION, I built and donated these wooly chaps (pictured below). Burgundy Icelandic Sheep hide with hand-carved floral yokes and the AOTC logo laser-engraved into the bottom cuff. These sold for $3300!
All proceeds from these art auctions go towards funding next year's AOTC fellowship recipients.
The 2022 Art Of The Cowgirl event was phenomenal in many ways. The wooly chaps sold great. THEN I received the following award! Best New Category Artist (Leatherwork). Thank you to all who voted for me! 
I was also hired to make the 2022 Breakaway Roping Champion Saddle! It was sponsored by Merck Animal Health. Silver conchos on the saddle were donated by John and Kristen Mincer.
14" Association with 7/8 in-skirt rigging
As the Breakaway Roping competition came to a finish, Lari Dee Guy came out on top! I got to present her with the Champ saddle.
I'm beyond excited to hear Lari Dee Guy's feedback after riding the saddle. I intend to offer specialized breakaway roping saddles in the near future!