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Handmade Saddles

Breakaway Saddle and Wade Saddle

Built to last, with top-quality saddle skirting leather. Deep, balanced ground seats and free-swinging stirrups so you can ride it all day, COMFORTABLY. These are tough ranching/roping saddles.
In 2020, I received the Saddle Making Fellowship through Art Of The Cowgirl. I went and studied under Nancy Martiny of Martiny Saddle Co. She learned from Dale Harwood and still follows his methods closely! After studying under Nancy, I try to follow her & Dale's ​methods because they build some of the best ranching saddles. 

Current wait times on custom saddles are about 9-12 months.

Here is the design of our base saddle:

  • Plain, no tooling or stamping

  • Roughout or smooth
  • 3/4, 7/8 or full rigging (available in flat-plate or in-skirt)

  • Mulehide or chap leather horn wrap

  • Saddle strings

  • Both Latigos

  • Back billets and 3" back cinch

  • Your choice of tin-bound wooden stirrups from Weaver Leather (we offer monels & nettles too, but price will differ)

  • $4200

Now offering custom-fit saddles. If you are NOT local, we send you the measuring templates to put on your horse. Easy steps ensure a good fitting tree for your horse!

Click this link to find out more about saddle fitting: Saddle Fitting – Rocking S Saddle Shop

Saddle #27: 16.5" Douglas '38 Wade

16.5" Douglas '38 Wade. 7/8 flat-plate rigging.

Saddle #26

16" Modified Association. 7/8 in-skirt rigging.

Saddle #25

For the 2022 Art Of The Cowgirl event in Queen Creek, Arizona, I was hired to build the Champion Breakaway Roping Saddle.
14" Association with 7/8 in-skirt rigging
Saddle was sponsored by #merckanimalhealth
Silver was donated by John N Kristen Mincer
As the Breakaway Roping competition came to a finish, Lari Dee Guy came out on top! I got to present her with the Champ saddle.
I'm beyond excited to hear Lari Dee Guy's feedback after riding the saddle. I intend to offer specialized breakaway roping saddles in the near future!


Saddle #24

15" Will James. Mother Hubbard style with inverted floral tooling on the roughout areas. This saddle took 4th place at the 2022 Sheridan Leather Show - Floral Saddle Division.

Saddle #23

 Douglas '38 Wade. 7/8 flat-plate rigging. 16.5" seat. 

Saddle #21

Timberline Wade. 15.5" seat length. 7/8 in-skirt rigging. Wood post horn.

The Magpie bird is significant to this client. So we decided to incorporate the bird and a feather theme throughout the saddle. See if you can find some more figure carvings on it!

Saddle #20

Lady Ray Hunt Wade. Wood post horn. 15.5" finished seat length. 7/8 in-skirt rigging.

Saddle #18

Timberline Wade. 15" finished seat size. 7/8 in-skirt rigging. Wood post horn.

I built this saddle for myself. I owned a SWEETHEART of a gelding named Timmy. There's just something special about a handmade saddle on a solid mount!

 Saddle #17