Medicine Bags

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NOW making them entirely out of LATIGO leather! This is tough leather designed to withstand dirty working conditions.
We currently offer 4 different styles:
  1. Round Skirt
  2. Square Skirt
  3. Wide Square Skirt
  4. No-Drip Square Skirt with Adjustable Bottle Slots
**Special features!** 
  • Straps to tie to your back billets - this really snugs those bags down. NO FLOPPING around!
  • Choose your sizes of bottle holders - 100 mL, 250 mL or 500 mL
  • Syringe holders double as chalk holders
  • Large off-side general pocket - flaps inside the pocket to ensure items DON'T BOUNCE OUT! These pockets are also COLLAPSIBLE for when you have nothing in them.
  • Needle pockets - feature strong elastic and top/bottom closure to keep needles from falling out.
  • Holes for rear saddle strings to come through. This way you can still tie on a coat, for example!
  • ALL start/end of stitching is also RIVETED to ensure pockets won't pull off over time.
We have put a lot of time into the designs of our Medicine Bags. We listen to our customers' feedback and make adjustments accordingly. These med bag styles have been USED and TESTED on ranches across the USA and Canada.

Style #1: Round Skirt (pictured above)

Features: Back billet loops, 2 bottle holders (your choice of size), 2 syringe/chalk holders, 1 needle pocket (fits 5 needles). $325


Style #2: Square Skirt (pictured above)

Features: back billet loops, laced center (allows for adjustment to different saddle sizes), 2 to 3 bottle holders (depending on sizes chosen), 2 syringe/chalk holders, 1 large off-side pocket. $350


Style #3: Wide Square Skirt (pictured above)

Features: Back billet loops, laced center (allows for adjustment to different saddle sizes), 3 bottle holders, 2 syringe/chalk holders, 1 needle pocket (fits 5 needles), 1 large off-side pocket. $375


Style #4: No-Drip Square Skirt with Adjustable Bottle Slots (pictured above)

These are really neat because they store the bottles in an UPRIGHT position to avoid leaking! When it's time to doctor something, simply undo the buckles and the bottle drop into the upside-down position, ready to pull from. These bottle holders are also ADJUSTABLE to different size bottles. Simply tighten/loosen straps to fit a variety of sizes.
Features: Back billet loops, laced center (allows for adjustment to different saddle sizes), 3 ADJUSTABLE bottle slots, 2 syringe holders, 1 needle pocket (fits 5 needles), 1 large off-side pocket. $450